Wine consumption is finally exceeding that of beer and spirits and the U.S. is among the largest consumption markets in the world. Coincidently, there is a new-found interest in learning about wine, particularly from, but not exclusive to, the Millennial generation. As wine makes its way out from behind the velvet ropes, people want to demystify this experience for themselves.

As with any subject worthy of instruction, teachers have their own philosophy about how to present this material to their students and wine is no exception. Viticulture and oenology programs are expanding in formal academics, yet casual wine tastings exist side by side. As a former higher education administrator with experience in teaching on the graduate level and to faculty colleagues, I take a more formal approach to wine education, but recognize that, for others, the opportunity to taste several wonderful wines, all in the context of a party environment is more than sufficient.

In addition to providing a list of wine education programs, this section of the website seeks to provide information on travel to wine regions, along with tools to help people study wine. General information and data on wine that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere else has also been placed here. 

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